https://aestheticallybooked.wordpress.com One of my best friends has just started her blog on WordPress. She is also a bookstagrammer and has been really working hard on it since the last month when she first started it. This WordPress account, she tells me is for her book reviews. And trust me. She is pretty good. Do check… Continue reading


Yellow Pages.

It will be a lie if I write that you can smell old books if you pass through the old lanes of College Street. But when you see the old books lined up in rows on the pavements, you cannot help but stop and stare. Personally, the first thing I do when I pick up… Continue reading Yellow Pages.

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Parallel Universes.

As a child, I had always been overtly obsessed about concepts from physics and I had loved discussing about it. Based on my interest, I pursued science in my graduation school only to realise that physics was the subject I hated the most. Isn't it funny? Well, I graduated from high school with good marks… Continue reading Parallel Universes.

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Doodling Away To Glory.

I have been really busy these past couple of days. Even though I miss WordPress dearly, I cannot help it at all. With my exams coming and everything, there's hardly anytime. But trust me, the ideas are throbbing in my brain. It is as if they are in on a conspiracy to attack my brain… Continue reading Doodling Away To Glory.



I associate seas with a person who never listens. The constant sound of waves hitting the shore is like the sound of the sea talking. It talks all the time, telling everyone what it has to say. Never caring about what the other person might want to say or feel, it just chatters away. You… Continue reading Calling.