What happens when the guy you have considered your brother throughout the time you have known him suddenly tells you that he wants you on his bed? You feel grossed out. And you know what else you feel? Betrayal.

Here is the guy who you have trusted so much that you have finally opened up to him about your break up, how much of a mess you are currently in, about your life crumbling down. But suddenly he tells you that he feels a deep attraction towards you and he starts talking about sex. In fact a few days back he even considered you to be his “little sister”. You have no fucking idea why or how it happened and all you can do is like stare at the screen, betrayed. Betrayed into thinking that you could trust him. You respected him, wanted to discuss studies with him. But now it’s all gone.

Sharing it with your best friend in the world because you know she will help you through this. You tell it to her after the guy gets on your nerves, telling you how not to hold back desires. You are like “fuck you. I don’t need advice from you. Not anymore.” Then your best friend gives you ideas you ideas about how to brother zone him. After ages you text back “I’d take that as a brotherly advice.”

Take that motherfucker.


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