A Letter to Arundhati Roy.

Diyali Bhattacharya

arundhati royDear Miss Roy,

I hereby take the liberty of addressing you in first-person because I nurture the hope that this letter finds you one day and you get amused as you read a girl less than half your age, while she delivers a tirade about how much she admires you. I do not know whether it will be justified if I call you my favourite author because I have read only one of your work. The Ministry of Utmost Happiness has been sitting on my shelf for quite some time but you know how we keep on buying books and they start piling on top of the other until you cannot decide which one to read first. I promise I will take it up once I finish my present read. However, I have read The God of Small Things. It was back in the winters of 2017, and I had…

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