What happens when the guy you have considered your brother throughout the time you have known him suddenly tells you that he wants you on his bed? You feel grossed out. And you know what else you feel? Betrayal. Here is the guy who you have trusted so much that you have finally opened up… Continue reading Betrayal.



I associate seas with a person who never listens. The constant sound of waves hitting the shore is like the sound of the sea talking. It talks all the time, telling everyone what it has to say. Never caring about what the other person might want to say or feel, it just chatters away. You… Continue reading Calling.

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Dear Readers, Depression has hit a new high and I have taken to writing once more. Have been busy this past couple of days. Reason? Infinite subjects to cover for my exams. Still, I feel like I am not studying anything. Basically, I have two papers for my lit major examination. Paper 1 has the… Continue reading Anxiety.