It’s Been Long.

The frustrations of life has reached a new high and I have taken to writing once again. Exams? They are still on. I worked my ass off for them. Three down, one to go. But today I choked up. I felt I could not breathe and my heartbeats escalated. Because guess what. I was suddenly… Continue reading It’s Been Long.

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Dear Readers, Depression has hit a new high and I have taken to writing once more. Have been busy this past couple of days. Reason? Infinite subjects to cover for my exams. Still, I feel like I am not studying anything. Basically, I have two papers for my lit major examination. Paper 1 has the… Continue reading Anxiety.

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Have you ever thought of running away? Have you ever contemplated about taking a break from your loved ones? (Yes, the sentence is strange, I can imagine some of you raising your eyebrows) Have you ever felt that you needed to be somewhere all by yourself? Even if it was for a few days? I… Continue reading Run.

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Another Day.

Hi So today I will be revealing something about myself. Nothing much, obviously(my blog is anonymous, duh?!), except the fact that I am an Indian. First of all, this information is important since most of the things that I write or will be writing here in the future is not experienced by the people not… Continue reading Another Day.

13 Reasons Why Challenge

13 Reasons Why Challenge.

This post has been inspired by the series, yes (this is for those who have no idea what this challenge is). I particularly like this challenge because this lets you appreciate those small things that you have in life and no matter how depressed or heartbroken you are, you should always hang in there. Suicide… Continue reading 13 Reasons Why Challenge.


To Bring a Significant Change.

Every day, at exactly 10:30 am I take the subway to college. I am never alone. Hundreds of people do the same, everyone having some purpose in their mind. They all have backpacks, all of them are in the same hurry, they are in the same compulsion to reach their destination on time. All of… Continue reading To Bring a Significant Change.