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Parallel Universes.

As a child, I had always been overtly obsessed about concepts from physics and I had loved discussing about it. Based on my interest, I pursued science in my graduation school only to realise that physics was the subject I hated the most. Isn't it funny? Well, I graduated from high school with good marks… Continue reading Parallel Universes.


Sorting Out.

Hi there! I have been getting a lot of love from my fellow bloggers. Let me tell you that your comments and likes make my day. At the end of the day when you open your blog and see your notification box flooded with so many positive feedbacks, it makes you smile and lifts up… Continue reading Sorting Out.

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Dear Readers, Depression has hit a new high and I have taken to writing once more. Have been busy this past couple of days. Reason? Infinite subjects to cover for my exams. Still, I feel like I am not studying anything. Basically, I have two papers for my lit major examination. Paper 1 has the… Continue reading Anxiety.